Making a video

I don’t make videos. Moving image is a magical world of the unknown to me, one I wish I was an inhabitant of. And yet, my little compact camera lured me with its video function button and I embarked upon a little lesson in teaching myself the basics of iMovie.

It makes me realise many things, like why tripod are useful, why panning is helpful, why editors get paid money for chopping up footage to go with music… all those things. But as a little piece of free-time frippery, it pleases me and led on to me creating a series of OnPress videos for the Eye Magazine blog.

The only good thing about learning something new is that you have lots of room for improvement. I need a few rainy days spent in a dark room with an After Effects manual… and maybe a Premier one in order to polish these very infantile skills.

Below are some links to photos I took whilst on Press passes for the Eye Blog