Hello world

After many, many years I have redesigned my website. Wow. Hot news. I know. It had to happen. I often avoid doing it. I have only ever had two website redesigns other than this. I just get comfy with them. I usually just like them for a long time. I still love the old discarded ones after all these years. But it needed to happen. Now I have embarked on this freelance lifestyle I needed to show my work and hopefully present a good body of work so people could employ me. It’s b’ness.

And here is the blog. I turned off the blog feature at the start, but I have turned it back on as it feels slightly like a good place for things that I am doing and thoughts I have having during this new venture.

But to start off here are some bits from my very first website way back in the days when 640px was the universally accepted screensize. 216 colours was all you had and animated gifs were astounding. Well, they were to me.

In homage to my roots, I have maintained a little of my yellow overload in my J logo.